It hardly feels possible to be typing these words, but here goes: in a little over a week since the game’s release, our Cuphead expansion The Delicious Last Course has gone platinum, selling 1 million copies across all platforms! This marks an even quicker timeline than it took for the original game to achieve this momentous feat, and we are just beside ourselves with joy and appreciation. These words certainly do not encompass how grateful we are, but to the amazing Cuphead players worldwide we say nonetheless: thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

From start to finish, The Delicious Last Course was a true labour of love. We challenged ourselves every step of the way to deliver the most ambitious design, animation, and music we had ever created to tell the story of Ms. Chalice, and craft a fitting conclusion to this part of Cuphead and Mugman’s journey. In the many years that have passed since we set out to make the game that would become Cuphead, we have come to think of this trio of plucky heroes as friends of ours, and the fantastical world of the Inkwell Isles they inhabit as a place we ourselves have been to.

Rounding out the original Cuphead story with this Delicious Last Course has been a wonderful journey, and perhaps the most wonderful part of all has been sharing it with such an unbelievable community. From your fantastic fan art creations, to your stories of discovering the game with friends and loved ones, to your kind words of support as we worked diligently at finishing The Delicious Last Course, you have been with us every step of the way.

So from all of us here at Studio MDHR, please accept our immense thanks for believing in our little animated adventure…and making it the real adventure of a lifetime for us.

The Studio MDHR Team