Retro Magazine Giveaway Contest

25th of May, 2014
Hello everybody! We are having a contest, so get your gouache! 🙂

The amazing folks at Retro Magazine have given us copies of issue #2 to giveaway! Aside from being the classiest video game magazine out there, it also has a 2-page spread on Cuphead. Entering is simple: do up a piece of Cuphead themed art and post it on our Facebook page or send it to us on Twitter followed by #cupheadcontest.

We will select winners on:

  • Creativity – 1930s style is awesome, but if you want to go Gamepro-1990-style, 3D art, Salvador Dali surrealism, or anything else, it may win us over even more!
  • Originality – Anything goes: from an alternative universe version of Cuphead to an Audrey Hepburn sipping a Cuphead-of-tea. Go nuts, but please keep it in the realm of “safe for work”.
  • Open to all skill levels – a 5-second stickman sketch probably won’t win, but your 5-year-old’s best attempt may fill our hearts with enough joy to fill your mailbox with prizes.
  • Hand drawn, digital, found object art, cosplay, pottery, perler beads, or any other art form of your choosing is OK by us!
  • Contest runs from May 24th to midnight EST on Sunday, June 8th 22nd, 2014.

2 GRAND PRIZE winners will receive an original hand-inked cel of Cuphead by Chad himself AND a signed copy of RETRO Magazine Issue #2*.

RUNNER-UPS will receive a signed copy of RETRO Magazine Issue #2*.

*signed by both Moldenhauer Bros.