Cuphead Game Update and Unity

7th of May, 2014
It’s been such a long time from our last real game update, it’s almost maddening. We apologize!  You may have asked, “What’s going on?” and even if you aren’t asking that – we’re going to tell you anyways!

Cuphead was originally created with the XNA framework (a set of tools that let the game work somewhat seamlessly on PC and Xbox360 only). We realized that before we got too deep in the game development, we should probably think ahead to the future and other platforms: of course we will be on PC – but what about porting to Linux, Mac? What about porting to consoles?!…and yes, we will be releasing Cuphead on one or more consoles, but we can’t perfectly talk about those details just yet – soon enough!


It turned out Unity was the perfect choice for Cuphead for many reasons, such as:

  • Unity makes it easier to deploy on multiple platforms, this alone will save a ton of headache for us
  • It comes with a bunch of very useful 2D tools
  • It also has great audio tools
  • Down the road, the networking integration/capabilities will be awesome
  • Unity’s price is extremely fair
Making the switch to Unity was smooth and perfect in every way for us except one: Time. You can’t get around this one. Porting existing code over isn’t a one click affair, so the last little while has been less progress on the game (code wise) and more focus on moving what we had over to Unity.

Now we are finally in a place where all programming == actual forward progress on the game! BUT, what all of this boils down to is that a 2014 release date probably isn’t going to happen, which is O.K. because of two things:
(1) Cuphead will now be releasing on multiple platforms and;
(2) Miyamoto’s golden rule applies:

shigeru miyamoto cuphead

We promise to keep our dev blog updated more frequently – stay tuned!
And while you wait, “Here, have a screenshot and a baguette!”

  • JackDandy

    Where’s the baguette

  • Baguette is right here, where it has always been! (Thanks. We’ve done a bunch of custom stuff with Unity too, because we are perfectionists)

    • UltimateWalrus

      You can code it. You will code it nine times

      • You were probably saving that comment for 2 seconds ago.

  • Tom Morrison

    Awesome guys – please bring this to PS4 and you’ll have my money(-:

    • “We may or may not be releasing on specific consoles.” That about as much as we can say now! 🙂

      • Robert Spears

        Hopefully. Please make that PS4 money lol

  • UltimateWalrus

    Unity can be dicey for 2D games but I wish you guys luck. Sadly if you want multiplatform it’s still one of the least bad options out there. I’d advise against using the inbuilt collision detection — and if there is something that there will be a lot of (like bullets), consider having one Unity GameObject for all the bullets, since one GameObject carries a truckload of overhead.

    • To ensure an old school game feel, we use the built-in collision as a trigger only. As for the GameObject tips, we will keep those in our back pocket in case we need them. Thanks!

      • UltimateWalrus

        Yep, don’t worry about it unless you have to. Following the philosophy, “premature optimization is the root of all evil,” leads to much cleaner, understandable, and easily expandable/maintainable code.

  • And now you can easily port it to Windows, Windows Phone, and XBOX One. When you’re ready, let me know. Happy to help.

  • Unfortunately, Unity’s pricing is not-so-reasonable once you go to consoles, have you talked to their business guys yet? We’re currently working on console support now, decided to go the native route, going well so far 🙂

    • Can’t really comment on this just yet. We will revisit this question in the near future 🙂

      • joeschmoe

        please do, I know many would love this game on the wii or ps4

  • Guest

    when you say the network capabilities is gonig to be awesome is that for co op ?

  • Pivemis

    when you say the networks capabilities will be awesome is that meant for co op ?

    • Yes, that’s the plan as long as everything goes smoothly. If it doesn’t happen at launch we will keep working on it until miracles are made!

  • Real McCoy

    I need this game in my life. . . . . end of line.

  • Irving Perés

    What if I give you my soul for this game?

    • If you could bottle up your soul, we would hand deliver a copy of the game to your front door!

      • Saul Alfonso Macias

        Challenge accepted!

  • Zero Tolerance

    If this doesn’t come to playstation platforms and only goes to 360/XB1, well, I must say you guys are welcoming failure.
    First and foremost, quirky games do not succeed with that vapid fanbase. You are sending your game out to die.
    Second, the PS4 is outselling the xbone 2 to 1 worldwide. Why oh why would you only show this game as part of the ID@xbox lineup and not try to reach the millions upon millions of Playstation customers?
    Lastly, why would you put it on a platform that was so cocksure about their anti consumer and anti indie dev policies that they have spent the last full year eating crow and reversing said policies?

    You sleep with a terrorist and they will kill you before you start snoring. I would purchase this game on every single Sony platform I own which is all of them.
    I will never purchase this game on an MS platform. They are the cancer of gaming.

    • Hey hey! We are launching first on Xbox One and PC/Steam. We will pursue other avenues in the future. Don’t hate! Spread love!

      • What do you expect from an user called “Zero Tolerance”. 😀

        I love this game. You guys rock, keep up the great work. <3

        • We sort of expected this from
          Zero Tolerance:

        • Skode

          In the world of Disqus i have NEVER encountered anyone EVER who has made a single comment on it and left things at that. Zero Tolerance was the first and last so far and that says it all for me as to how serious i take his comment.

          The game however im taking very serious, its shaping up to be fantastic. Gamescom captivated with a couple of indie titles in their ID section of the microsoft presentation and Cuphead stood head and shoulders above them all.

    • Kittenia

      Don’t see how you could come to a page for a game with so much hate. Instead of having a fanboy-fueled outburst spread love for this beautiful game! Gamers should be a united force, not some angry and awful (divided) group. We’re all on the same team here 🙂

    • André Martinez

      To be honest I don’t hate and also don’t totally like the idea of going XBONE! Multi-platform would be the most safe route for them, but probably they got a good offer from MS and as indie studio it what would allow them to have safety backup for future projects and the company, if I was them I would take it and later on check some possibilities. Hey the game is coming to PC and STEAM that’s enough for me, I am not a console elitist neither a PC elitist, just a gamer elitist and this game goes onto my PC as soon as comes out. @chadmdhr:disqus

  • crunc

    I hope this will make it’s way to PS4 and Vita before too long. It looks absolutely gorgeous, but I don’t have an Xbox One nor a Windows PC (and I prefer to game on consoles/handhelds anyway)

  • Kittenia

    This is looking absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to be able to play the game, regardless of the platform 😉 Keep up the amazing work! <3

  • disqus_ReHMEiCDO0

    Your art style and game is amazing and unique! Love it!

  • Naranja Limones

    Your game looks simply awesome. I might buy a whole new console just to play it — if I have to! : D

  • DeMat DeMat

    Let me be the first to say it: Wii U please? Every Unity dev says porting to Wii U is *extremely easy*, like literally “Export button” easy.

    Please consider this, it’d be awesome :3

    • joeschmoe

      please make this a thing

    • Asa Dang

      Unity dev here. It’s not that easy.

      • DeMat DeMat

        Well, of course it’s not “easy”, nothing truly is in this industry, but it’d be easier to port to Wii U with the engine being Unity than if it were, say, Unreal, or CryEngine, or any other engine.

  • Nathan Olson

    I just found out about Cuphead 10 minutes ago. I am mind bogglingly excited for this work of art to be purchasable. Good luck guys!

  • Jon Skaggs

    This game is really looking great!!! I think we’re all due for a major release that is nothing like CoD, Halo, etc.. Also, rumor has it that you guys might release this for the Sega Master System… PLEASE do this. Such a great idea.

    • chadmdhr

      The Sega Master System port is our number 1 dream, so there is a good possibility that it will happen 🙂

  • Fes

    Will the Steam version be both on Mac and PC versions of Steam or just the PC?

    • chadmdhr

      If we are awesome PC, Mac and Linux for sure…but knowing that we have unknowns we will stick with XboxOne and PC at launch for now, and the rest to follow.

    • Thebicyclethief


  • michelb

    Another vote for an OSX version. Crowdfunded even. This is such a sweet art style, cannot wait to play it. Wow!

  • SlimBaron

    Cool game!)

  • James Griggs

    This game looks so brilliant, and it is really cool that you are porting over to Unity. Nice move.

    • Thanks! The move to Unity was definitely a big plus all around.

  • I am just curious what software was used for the creation of the Sprites / Animations.

    • There is zero software used for the creation of the animation & Photoshop is only used for the final coloring. 🙂
      The process is:
      -Hand draw everything on animation paper over a light table, frame by frame
      -Repeat and pencil test until satisfied
      -Clean up each frame with pencil
      -On a new sheet, ink each frame by hand
      -Color each frame using Photoshop
      Hope that’s the answer you wanted to hear!

      • Should’ve known that, that is the only way you get the Authentic look of the classic cartoons. I love it and looking forward to playing it.

      • matt

        can somebody get this guy a metal hand drawn sprites will be so worth it love the game send me a build 🙂

  • Robert Spears

    Multi-Platform. Best word i’ve ever heard right now. Thinking long-term is the best.

  • john manza

    Glad to read you guys made the move to Unity, def a powerful tool! can’t wait to play this on XB1!

  • Yvee451

    Hello allow me to begin by saying this is not to compete on which console is better. I believe that what matters are the games. This particular game is admirable. Therefore could you kindly say if this is time exclusive? I play on ps4 and when i first saw this game i was struck with awe, we could not afford cable and grew up watching vhs tapes of steam boat willie, felix the cat, and aesop’s fables majority of van beurens cartoons. Id love the opportunity to play on ps4.

  • burningwind

    PS4 fo sho!


    Please bring this to PS4

  • Vash63

    I’m pretty late to this thread but it looks like the only official confirmation of a Linux build. I plan on playing this on my TV through SteamOS, is this still happening?

  • joeschmoe

    Really want to play this game, but I won’t be able to. Hopefully you guys can release it on the PS4 or even Wii U

  • Yedenn

    Could be awesome if this game will be release on Linux <3 Cause this game looks absolutely awesome !