Well hello there!

It’s surreal to be able to say this, but the time is here at last…The Delicious Last Course expansion is available now on all platforms! We cannot wait for the wonderful Cuphead community to set sail for this new adventure, experience the story of brand new playable character Ms. Chalice, and take on some of the biggest and wildest boss battles we’ve ever created! As of right this moment, you can tuck in to this second helping of Cuphead action on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, and GOG. We’re especially thrilled to say that the game is available at the tasty price of $7.99 USD / $9.99 CAD / €7.99 / £6.79.

A quick note from us! While you will need to own the original Cuphead game to play this DLC add-on, you do not need to fully complete Cuphead to enjoy The Delicious Last Course. Once you have completed the first “Mausoleum” stage in the game, and met The Legendary Chalice character, you will see a mysterious new character appear nearby as long as you have installed the DLC expansion. Speak with this character to set sail for an unexplored new shore!

With The Delicious Last Course, we made it our goal to refine our craft in every area — from design, to art & animation, to music. We consider these new bosses and challenges to be some of our most unique and wild yet, and hope that you feel the same way. From bombastic new bosses to sneaky secrets to wacky weapons & charms, there’s much to discover…but you won’t be without help! The brand new playable character Ms. Chalice comes equipped with a completely unique move set all her own, including double jumps and dash parries.

As we look back on the road to release, we can’t thank everyone enough for their kindness, patience, and continued support. Now, there’s nothing left to do but prepare your appetite…for adventure!!