Canada: StudioMDHR is a remote workplace team, so you will be working from whatever location your computer or laptop makes you most comfortable.

Who We Are:
StudioMDHR is an award-winning Canadian indie company and the creators of Cuphead.

Who You Are:
StudioMDHR is a small indie company, so as the Senior Programmer you will have your hands in all facets of the engineering of our games. You will be the head of a very small team of programmers, overseeing code and managing the architecture. You will also be developing content, working directly with designers and artists to take concepts from design descriptions and sketches to elaborately-animated, precision-timed, action set pieces suitable for frame-perfect speed running.

What Would Make You a Good Fit:
We are looking for an experienced senior programmer, with a history of taking games from concept to ship. You will have extensive knowledge of Unity and C# and at least some experience in coordinating a small team of programmers. StudioMDHR is a 2D game company, so you will be comfortable working with heavily animated 2D objects, 2D collision, 2D cameras, 2D effects, 2D movement patterns, and so on. Optimally, you will be a fan of classic 2D games and the nuts and bolts of what makes them work – understanding the complex pathing of objects, bullet pattern generation, frame times, and collision priority is a huge asset.

Minimum Requirements:
5 + years developing software professionally.
• Experience acting as a lead programmer on at least one shipped game.
• Has extensive working knowledge of Unity and C#.
• Experience shipping games on console (including console certification) and Steam.
• Has in depth knowledge of OOP principles and design patterns.
• Produce efficient, modular, high-quality, and stable code.
• Is very familiar with client/server integration.
• Has prior experience using Continuous Integration and build automation.
• Proven UI experience.
• Ability to work in a collaborative team environment and navigate through challenges of delivering a game while remaining positive, approachable, and on time.
• Able to break down complicated tasks into discrete solvable components, prioritize what is important, and provide accurate time estimates.
• Deep understanding of how to use Unity to create console and PC games.
• Collaborate with artists, game designers, testers and other programmers.
• Knowledge of agile development principles.
• Good written and verbal communication skills.
• Self-motivated and goal oriented.
• Eligible to work in Canada.

Job Type:
Full-Time – Long Term

Start Date:
As soon as possible.

To apply for this position, please send resume to
Only those considered for the position will be contacted.