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“Welcome to your Doom”

1st of November, 2013

Hello internet,

Welcome to the StudioMDHR dev blog. We will be updating this page with Cuphead news and other facts as regularly as possible (we both have other jobs – boo!).

Planned are posts such as:

  • Development progress
  • Behind the scenes
  • Art/Concept Art/Animation
  • Gameplay details
  • …and anything else that we want to share

If there is anything else you’d like to see during the development of Cuphead or have any questions – please leave it in the comments below!

And for anybody that hasn’t seen the first teaser trailer for Cuphead, look no further:

  • Robert

    Cute! I tend to like a lot of old-fashioned stuff.

    The digital game timer looks a little out of place, though. At first I thought it was a scoreboard or something.

  • Thanks Robert – that number at the top actually represents the hit points of the boss.
    We are still iterating the GUI and playing around with a bunch of ideas for the final look. Ensuring all the elements fit the “1930-1940” cartoon era is one of our main goals (and it comes with a ton of interesting design challenges!).

    • Robert

      For a boss’s hit points? I would make it look like an old automobile gauge. That would fit the period!

      • Funny you mention that – one of our first designs was an old steam dial. The few we tried didn’t ‘read well’ and we ended up going with the numbers for now (it’s also a big nod to Metal Slug’s GUI). We will definitely be trying to revive some kind of old fashioned instrumentation during our iterative process. Cheers!

        • Robert

          What about making the numbers roll like the miles on an odometer, or the gallons on an old-fashioned gas pump?

          • That’s an awesome idea that will be added into our mix of concepts to try. Thanks-a-much!

  • Barrett Bear Baker

    I know iPhone 6 has a 64bit processor, could cuphead be coming to a mobile platform at all? Also, love it way too much to not but it day one! Thank you for a dream game come true!

    • Sorry to hurt you in the feels, but a mobile port of Cuphead won’t happen (unless Super Apple TV with gaming controller is launched in the near future). It just wouldn’t work on a touch screen, we need SOLID precision! 🙂

      • Barrett Bear Baker

        I’m really excited about that 🙂 I figured that would hAppen an I figured I’d should ask. My last question is if Colman would come to the older console systems. Like 360. I can’t afford the newer consoles yet but just wondering