…the latest addition to the team.

12th of September, 2014

The Cuphead team has just gained a Unity Master!

Tony Coculuzzi is a game developer and Unity expert from Ottawa, Ontario! He’s worked on everything from children’s games to tools for other game developers. Tony’s degree in classical animation has given him an appreciation and passion for the golden age. Some of his favourites include Betty Boop’s Snow White and Steamboat Willie. He’s hoping to add Cuphead to that list once we’re through!

It’s safe to say we finally have our dream team, and we can increase our output TO THE MAXIMUM.

Follow Tony on Twitter: @tonycoculuzzi

  • Axis Magnus

    This game is looking more amazing the more I read about it! Is there any possibility or consideration for bringing Cuphead to Wii U? I only ask because the platform natively supports Unity and Wii U owners would love and I mean LOVE to play a game like this.

  • Yvee451

    Hello allow me to begin by saying this is not to compete on which console is better. I believe that what matters are the games. This particular game is admirable. Therefore could you kindly say if this is time exclusive? I play on ps4 and when i first saw this game i was struck with awe, we could not afford cable and grew up watching vhs tapes of steam boat willie, felix the cat, and aesop’s fables majority of van beurens cartoons. Id love the opportunity to play on ps4.

  • EggmaniMN

    Is there any consideration given to possible speedrunning during the development process? I can tell you that there is a good number of people who are absolutely looking forward to playing the game and would love to be able to have it also be an interesting, challenging and speedy game to speedrun. I very much look forward to any news on this game and I’d love to see it on a big stage like Awesome Games Done Quick or Summer Games Done Quick in the future!

    • Most aspects of the game are always questioned with something like, “How does this affect the pro players/speedrunners?”. We are purist gamers at heart, so you can expect a bunch of very subtle additions that will aid speedrunners and pro players alike.
      It would be our dream to see it on AGDQ/SGDQ!

  • Barrett Bear Baker

    Does…does this mean maybe the iPhone 6 May have this game please!! Haha. I love it. Pc, Mac, iOS or not I’m stoked for this! Day one buy for sure

  • thisguy

    Yes please. What Axis Magnus said. Bring it to Wii U. You would get tons of cash. And if that is not what its about then think of how many kids would be happy because of your good deeds.

  • This is one of the coolest ideas for a run-and-gun style game I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the creators; can’t believe I have to wait until 2016 to play Cuphead.