One year ago today, we were filled with excitement and nerves as we launched Cuphead worldwide. After spending so many years crafting the Inkwell Isles, we only hoped that people would enjoy spending time there. And, if we were really lucky, we thought we might reach enough players to continue making games!

To say the last twelve months surpassed those hopes would be a massive understatement. Just last month, we were humbled to announce that Cuphead has gone triple platinum. Even more gratifying than that, though, has been the unbelievable fan response to our little animated adventure.

Your wonderful reviews, heartfelt emails, and wildly creative fan art have continued to be the highlight of our days ever since launch. We couldn’t ask for a more passionate and talented community, and as we turn one, this celebration goes out to you.

Here’s to the next year ahead, the Delicious Last Course that awaits, and a few more surprises in store!